Car alarms

Car Alarms

While pretty much every car alarm makes some type of noise when it is activated, some alarms offer a wider range of options that provide nuance to the type of alert that you receive. For instance, the number of different alarm sounds as well as their volume can differ drastically depending on the car alarm in question.

Ultimately, if your car alarm only offers a single type of sound, then you do not know what type of issue to expect when you go and check on it. For instance, some of the higher end car alarms will have a sound that is designed to alert potential false positives, potentially saving you numerous trips to check on it in person.

Moreover, the volume of the alarm can also provide nuanced information as to the type of threat the car may encounter. If the motion sensor is tripped, the volume is liable to be much lower and the alarm shorter in length to provide a warning and deterrent. However, if the tilt sensor is activated, the alarm will blare at full volume-often 120 dB.

1. Viper 5706V

Viper has a well-earned reputation for being one of the best car alarm manufacturers around. Aside from the fact that this brand prides itself on providing a top of the line alarm system in general, Viper also goes the extra mile to make sure that it keeps up with all of the trends and new features being developed by rival manufacturers.

As such, the Viper is one of the most integrated car alarm systems with smartphones, offering a wealth of control features at the touch of a finger with their special app.

Unlike some of the other car alarms which use a base app that is applicable with every car alarm system, the Viper app is a bit more refined and easy to navigate you can even use it to track down your car in the event that it is stolen.

2. Prestige APS997E

The Prestige car alarm is by no means the most impressive product on our list. However, as the budget option, it still manages to surprise by providing a number of features that you would not expect to find at this price.

For instance, the Prestige provide a number of options when it comes to programming. In fact, this car alarm system has a few programming options that even the higher priced car alarms lack like the ability to set multiple timers at varying amounts simultaneously. Granted, some of the other products are able to have more than one timer, but the Prestige can run five separate timers simultaneously.

Another unexpected quality of the Prestige is the series of convenience features that it comes with. Of course, it does not surpass the other car alarms on our list, but it still offers various controls with lighting, including headlights, dome light, and hazards as well as the ability to make it either an active or passive system depending on your preferences and needs.